DOX:WORLD - Filmschool in Aarhus offers focused courses in practical documentary filmmaking, incl. productions for all social media and platforms. Upcoming courses:

DOX:DOCUMENTARY, 11-weeks course, September 3 - November 16 2018.

DOX:MASTER, 4-weeks masterclass, November 19 - December 13, 2018.

Keep an eye on this web or DOX:WORLD Facebook for new courses.

For further information, please contact us.


The courses enable students to create professional documentary films, online video, business profiles, commercials and feature stories. The course DOX:DOCUMENTARY runs over 11-weeks and have a maximum capacity of 12 students. We also offer a shorter course of 4-weeks DOX:MASTER in the autumn 2018.

Our filmschool is located in a charming villa in Aarhus, Denmark. We offer hands-on teaching, inspiring guest speakers and production assignments for clients. The courses will provide you with skills needed for professional filmmaking and further education. We value personal growth and support your ambitions. A course at DOX:WORLD will be a key step for a future career in the film industry.  


DOX:WORLD - Filmschool in Aarhus is open to anyone. You request for admittance by a motivated written application. For questions and further information, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Our office is open for an individual dialogue about your aspirations.

For courses in autumn 2018, please contact us.


DOX:WORLD is an independently financed film school.

DOX:DOCUMENTARY, 3 weeks: 5.500 DKK.

DOX: MASTER, 4 weeks: 7.000 DKK / 5.000 DKK (for DOX:DOCUMENTARY students)


For further inquiries about forthcoming courser, please contact:

Finn Mathiasen
Phone: +45 20704354

Berit Madsen
Phone: +45 30282902